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  With the crazy runaway high prices of heating oil, propane, and natural gas, I decided to hell with it.
  For the last 8 years, I have heated my 3 bedroom house with small portable space heaters as my only heat source. There was a lot of trial and error before I got it right. During the spring and fall months, my electric average is $110. Even through cold Ohio winters, my largest electric bill last year was only $270! For the coldest month (January) it cost less than $160 for heat!
Caution! Beware of the review scam sites online. I am the real expert, because I heat my house with small space heaters!

The Best 120 Volt Space Heaters Guide

This is what I am using in my house at this time:
Living room: Lasko Cyclonic Ceramic,
Kitchen-Hall: Delonghi DCH1030,
Master Bedroom: DeLonghi EW7707CM,
Bedroom 2: Air King 8605,
Bedroom 3: Pelonis HO-0221,
Master Bathroom: Lasko MyHeat,
Main Bathroom: Holmes Heater Fan,
Basement: Pelonis Disc B-6A1,

  OIl Filled Radiator Heaters: Best For The Bedroom
Oil filled Raditors are best for bedrooms. It may take 15 minutes to warm your bedroom, but once warm you can turn the heat setting to low. DeLonghi and Pelonis make the best oil filled radiators. Everything else on the market is either made by them, or is junk. Avoid the small mini types for bedroom use. You want the full sized seven or eight fin models.

The DeLonghi EW7707CM (EW7707CB in black) Oil-filled Radiator with ComforTemp Technology is the most energy saving and the best. If used right, it could cost less than $20 per month to heat your room. Delonghi Oil Filled Radiator

The DeLonghi TRH0715 and Pelonis HO-0221 are the no frills oil radiators, but are reliable with a history of lasting 15 years or more. Both are very energy efficient with savings up to 50% compaired to fan types. Pelonis is also sold under the Ace Media and World Marketing lables.
Pelonis Oil Filled Radiator

Best Space Heaters Portable Electric DeLonghi

  Ceramic Heaters: Best For The Living Room
Units with ceramic elements will heat up a room the fastest. They work great for living rooms, basements, and kitchens. There are some real crappy ceramic models on the market, so use some caution. Lasko, DeLonghi, Pelonis, and SPT make the best ceramic heaters.

The Lasko Cyclonic Ceramic (model 758000 top picture) is the king, followed close by the compact Pelonis Disc Furnace types. For heating the living room, the Cyclonic Ceramic 758000 has no peers. It is big and powerful with a "set it and forget it" auto setting. Of course all the Lakso ceramic models put out good heat. Just avoid those with too many gadgets. The Lasko 5429 Oscillating Ceramic is an inexpensive compact model that really puts out some serious heat. The Lasko 5367 and 5369 Oscillating Mini Towers work very good for the living room too.
Lasko Ceramic Heaters

The Pelonis Disc Furnace really gets hot! I believe you can warm up your dinner with one! It does not matter if the one you choose is 4 disc, or 5 disc, as they both perform the same. The 4 disc brown model B-6A1 has been around many years, and has proven to be very reliable. I replaced two Holmes heater fans with one Pelonis brown Disc Furnace for my basement game room. The little Disc Furnace is twice as powerful as the cheap Holmes! Back in 1990, the Pelonis Disc Furnace cost $160 and was worth it. Now you can get them for 1/2 this price. Pelonis is also sold under the Ace Media and World Marketing lables.
Pelonis Ceramic Disc Types

The best bargain priced ceramic heater I have used is the DeLonghi DCH1030. Don't let the DCH1030 small size fool you. I have used one to warm a 2 car garage! It is very powerful and can heat a large area fast! The only negative is the strong fan does make some noise.
DeLonghi DCH1030 Heater

I have never used the Sunpentown SPT SH-1507 Mini Tower, but it has very high reviews on Amazon. It only uses 1200 watts on high, but many say it feels like 1500 watts. People really like it!
Sunpentown SPT Mini Tower

living room ceramic

bedroom pelonis disc


Oil Filled Bedroom Ceramic MicaThermic Quartz Infrared

  Bathroom Heaters
Holmes is the boss of the heater fan market with acceptable quality. If you use one for your bathroom, make sure the control knobs are on the side. If the switches are on top, they can short out. Moisture can destroy a bathroom space heater in one season, so it might as well be a cheapie. I only use the low setting.
Holmes Heater Fans

Westpointe HO-0227 Mini Radiator. This is a very economical compact oil filled heater that uses only 700 watts. Perfect for keeping an 10'x10' room HOT! Thank goodness it has a thermostat. It is only 12x15x5 inches so not much space is needed. The HO-0227 model number gives it away that it is made by Pelonis. Pelonis builds quality stuff. The low price is good too.
Westpointe Mini Radiator

The Lasko MyHeat Personal Ceramic uses only 200 watts but puts out serious heat. It feels like 900 watts! It works for smaller bathrooms, plus it is good for keeping pipes from freezing in your utility room. Uses less electricity than a 250w heat lamp!
Lasko Myheat Personal 200W


  Honorable Mention: Very Good Electric Space Heaters!
The IHeater and EdenPURE are the best infrared quartz cabinet style heaters. Everything else on the market is a pretty cabinet with a crappy heater, so don't be a sucker for the hype! Infrared cabinet type Heaters are good for the living room and have proven to be very energy efficient. They sell like crazy and stores have a difficult time keeping them in stock. The quartz elements combinded with copper heats very well. The way they cycle on and off really cuts electricity useage. The iHeater IH-1500W is a great value. The EdenPURE is a little expensive but worh it. The iHeater comes with a lifetime warranty. The pretty wood-grain Cabinet does give you a good place to set your chips and beer.
iHeater Infrared Quartz
EdenPURE Infrared Quartz

The Optimus H-5210 Infrared Quartz Radiant is a good one. It only operates at 800 watts max, but puts out the heat of many 1500 watt units. Even on the lower 400 watt setting, you can keep a bedroom warm. The Optimus H-5210 is a real money saver! There is no fan, so it radiates like a fireplace. You can really feel the warmth after 10 minutes of operating. Very quiet. The Optimus H-5210 gets a solid 4 stars and the price is good. The orange glow can be very romantic!
Optimus H-5210 Infrared

The Air King 8605 low profile puts out some serious heat too. The Air King 8605 uses a die-cast heating element and uses convection with no fan. It can tuck in along the baseboard out of the way. The Air King 8605 is old school, and has a reputation of lasting forever. The Air King made Lasko 5605 is the same heater. Very safe around kids, so I use the 8605 in my daughter's bedroom. I am not sure if the Air King 8605 is as energy efficient as an Pelonis oil filled radiator, but it does do a good job.
Air King 8605 Low Profile

I have good experience with the Bionaire BH3950-U Micathermic. Micathermic types work great for the bedroom and they heat up much faster than oil filled raditors. Very quiet! Mica is heated up by the heating elements. Just like a campfire stone, the mica holds the heat for a long time. I am sure the other Bionaire Micathermic models work well too. I now use the BH3950-U for my 12x15 office located in the back of a cold warehouse. It replaced a cheap Sunbeam fan type that couldn't do the job.
Bionaire Micathermic

Pelonis Lasko iHeater Review

  Emergency Backup heaters
There is a good chance during the winter that ice storms or someone running their car into a power pole could knock out electricity for a few days.
One solution is to buy a small portable propane indoor approved unit, and 4 one pound canisters of propane. The Mr. Heater Buddy puts out some serious heat and the Coleman BlackCat is the most economical. If you shop around you can buy 4 disposable propane cannisters for about $10 locally. There are also adapter kits so you can attach the 20 pound tank from your gas grill to these small heaters. They are great for camping too!
Mr. Heater Buddy    Coleman BlackCat

Sengoku CV-2230 Portable Kerosene Heater. The Sengoku CV-2230 is rated at 23,000 BTU. This is some serious heat! I feel safe lighting it outside, then bring it in and set on the kitchen floor. Within 30 minutes the whole house is warm. You can then turn it down and it only sips the kerosene. I am amazed at how little kerosene fuel the Sengoku CV-2230 uses. I believe it is more economical than propane. Some mobile-home dwellers say heating with kerosene is cheaper than electricity! Kerosene has that manly aftershave smell to it.
Sengoku CV-2230 KeroHeat

More Space Heaters
WhiteFence TV, Internet & Phone

Low Cost Pelonis Lasko DeLonghi Bathroom Holmes iHeater Living Room Bionaire

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